Manufacturing Site

Brijeel Plant is fully automatic plant and spread across 20000 Sq.feet building which is surrounded by green/fresh environment with utmost hygienic conditions. The site is located at Kudus, Wada (Thane) area. The layout of plant is directly comparable to well known bottling plants.


We have all mandatory required licenses to produce the water bottle products from all prescribed government authorities. copies of important licenses are inserted below. Brijeel is under process to obtain ISO 22000 for food industry so that it can implement more strengthen quality controls and get recognition in the Industry.

Purification process

Brijeel Aqua is purified in a multi stage unit comprising of process such as sand filteration, activated carbon filteration, reverse osmosis, UV purification, Microfiltration and ozonation followed by rigorous quality processes.

Quality Management

At Brijeel “Only Purity Matters” Our motto itself reflect our dedication towards the Quality of water we serve to the community. Quality is the highest priority at Brijeel. We have various quality management tools such as In-house laboratory testing, external testing, internal policies and procedures, certification by quality agencies, regular management involvement.

  • Inhouse Laboratory Testing
  • Well equipped Chemistry and Micro-biology laboratory with modern instruments/equipments and all required testing chemicals and solutions.
    All paramters testing adherence to Compliance as per BIS Standards.
    Additional internal quality checks for water quality, raw material and finished goods in high frequency per day basis by dedicated team for quality management.
    Rigorous documentation process for daily Quality Management and Hygienic Conditions of entire manufacturing facility.
    Regular staff training and medical examination of entire facility staff in regular time intervals.
    Regular management meeting protocol for quality management of Raw material and finished goods.

  • External Laboratory Testing
  • Regular authorised external lab testing as per BIS compliance requirement.
    Regular reporting to the senior management for all quality related activities carried out with external agencies.
    Regular external testing as prescribed by management policies and customer requirements.

  • Online Quality Management
  • 1. Every production Batch sample is stored and analysis for product life cycle
    2. Dedicated team for each product inspection for any kind of foreign particles in water/packaging.
    3. Random check by senior quality personnel in different intervals for;
    Complete Production line
    Functioning of machines
    Staff behaviour and online training
    Documentation of all the process, testing and production steps
    Packaging material like bottles, labels, cap and cartons, packing quantity, batch coding, Finished Goods etc.


    At Brijeel, all machineries installed were acquired from well reputed machines vendors who are supplying to well known brand in India and in foreign countries. Fully automatic plant which was acquired from Concept packaging, Videojets, Hildon Machineries, Awanti Moulds, Shyam plastic, Sigma Packaging Solutions, IR, etc.

    Packaging Material Vendors

    Plenco closures Pvt Ltd.

    Packtight  Labels 

    Positive Industries 

    Chemco Pet